Degrassi Fanfiction For the Soul

The Perfect Storm

By keayanna.anderson254 ( profile)

Characters: Eli and Clare

Rated T

Clare’s POV

Eli was mine and I was his…that is until all the drama was too much for the both of us. One of us were bound to crack.

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By ITotallyHeartAdamTorres

Characters: Adam and Eli

Rated T

Adam Torres finds a new romance…but what happens when this hot new romance, has a little interference with Adam’s new girlfriend’s ex boyfriend; A drunk, drug addict, phycotic maniac, out to get revenge on Adam?

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Old cast

Sean Returns

by Britany

Characters: Sean and Emma along with Old DTNG cast

Rated T

When sean comes home from war he gets the shock of his life, Emma is married to Spinner. Who does Emma really love and how can she ever figure it out without losing her husband?

We All Have Ghosts Inside Of Us

By Berandomx3

Characters: Elijah Goldsworthy, Julia, Clare Edwards and Adam Torres.

Rated T for Mild Violence

Elijah Goldsworthy had believed his ex girlfriend Julia, was dead. What happens when a new student comes to Degrassi resembling her and threatens not only his relationship with Clare, but anyone who stands in her way?

Not Who You Think

By Zimmm

Characters: Eli and Clare

Rated M

Eli Goldsworthy moves to Degrassi after his Girlfriend, Julia, dies. He finds a new love, Clare Edwards. He starts having hallucinations about Julia, causing trouble in his life.

Adam n’ Degrassi

By JustGiveMeAMoment

Sha-dokiniichan ( profile)

Character: Adam

Rated T

A series of oneshot’s involving Adam. Some romantic, some friendship, etc. Open to requests.

Can i make a request for people to write? I would write it myself, but i'm terrible at fanfic. Okay so I would LOVE a Kc and you fanfic, you being the reader. That's my top request. I would also love an Eli and you fanfic. or Drew and you. & some with fitz (anykind). But someone please write some Kc ones! Thanks!

Well I’ll see if anyone wants to. Maybe someone will be up for it.

So someone just messaged my about making story requests.

Like pick the characters or something along those lines and someone else writes the fanfic.

Any one up for it?

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i can't believe my story made it on your tumblr.
i'm flattered :)

I don’t remember! I believe it was ThinkOfThis but I’m not so sure.